Welcome to My Modern Money

Welcome to My Modern Money!

Today we're pleased to share with the internet, My Modern Money!

We built My Modern Money to help our readers reach their financial goals, no matter what stage their finances are at right now, as well as a place to raise awareness around how you can protect your online identity, and avoid potential scams found on the internet.

2017 has seen some significant events; here's a quick refresh of some of the headlines we've seen this year.


Equifax has suffered one of the most significant data breach in history, leaving 145.5 million Americans, 700,000 Britons, and 19,000 Canadians vulnerable to identity theft for the rest of their lifetime.

Weeks ago we saw security researcher Mathy Vanhoef warn about a discovery called the KRACK (Key Reinstallation Attack) exploit, leaving any wifi connection using WPA2 vulnerable to being accessed by a hacker.

The stock market continues to see its best all-time-highs, yet credit card debt has passed the record highs of 2008, 69% of Americans have less than $1000 in their savings account, and almost half of millennials don't have any money saved for their retirement yet.

Those are some very startling facts.

My Modern Money's 3 Core Focuses

It's because of headlines like these that we created this site, and we wanted to break it down into 3 main focuses that we felt complimented the end goal of growing and protecting your finances, while leveraging technology.

Our 3 focuses are;

  • Improving Your Financial Knowledge
  • Protecting Your Online Identity & Activity
  • Raising Awareness of Online Scams
Improving Your Financial Knowledge

Improving Your Financial Knowledge

A lot of people are living day to day with the burden of debt, and if you've ever been there before you know that the stress of that responsibility can have a lasting effect on you over time.

We want to help our readers work towards reducing their debts and in turn, take that money and put it towards securing financial freedom.

Protecting Your Online Identity

Protecting Your Online Identity

For a while, we saw a downward trend in identity theft, but this is no longer the case, and we're seeing an increase as of the last couple of years, due to how quickly thefts can get their hands on your sensitive information.

The problem is that even if you never we're to use the internet, you can still be a victim of these online threats because of companies you're dealing with in the real world. As we saw with Equifax, if a company fails to secure your information, you can be a victim too.

Raising Online Fraud Awareness

Raising Online Fraud Awareness

The moment when you realise you've been scammed can be devastating. You feel a sudden drop in your gut, maybe followed by a feeling of nauseousness, and probably a bit of anger, but no one like to be the victim of a scam.

To help out our readers, we wanted to raise as much awareness around the scams we've encountered online and given a breakdown of how you can identify them in the future.

We're excited to see what our readers think of this information, and if you have questions of your own you would like answered in a post, or see a possible scam online, feel free to contact us over here.

Welcome to My Modern Money!