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Do You Know Your Credit Score?

Have You Seen Your Credit Score Yet? Check It Today for FREE!

Checking your credit score. 

Maybe its something you've overheard a coworker talking about on a lunch break, or perhaps you've seen an ad the other night on tv mention a thing or two about your credit score. You know it's something essential to stay on top of, just like visiting the dentist regularly, it's just something you haven't had a chance to get around to... until today that is!

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Start Building a Monthly Budget in Minutes with Mint!

So you're ready to sit down and finally build a monthly budget! Well, let's grab a pen and paper, and pull out all your bank statements so we can balance your chequebook...

Thankfully this isn't the 80's or 90's, and we have a great solution like Mint available to get us up and running with a budget in just a few minutes!

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