Start Building a Monthly Budget in Minutes with Mint!

So you're ready to sit down and finally build a monthly budget! Well, let's grab a pen and paper, and pull out all your bank statements so we can balance your chequebook...

Thankfully this isn't the 80's or 90's, and we have a great solution like Mint available to get us up and running with a budget in just a few minutes!


If you're not familiar with Mint, this is a service offered FREE of charge from a company by the name of Intuit. You may be familiar with the name if you've used TurboTax and QuickBooks before. They boast that in the USA the average credit score is 673, while the average Mint user is 705, so if that doesn't sound promising, I'm not sure what will then!

Getting Your Monthly Budget Started with Mint!

With that said, I wanted start by showing you just how quickly you can start building this months budget by using Mint. 

To get started you'll want to head on over to

Mint Home Page Credit Score

Get started by clicking the Sign Up button in the top right corner.

From here you'll want to click on the sign-up button and create a user account. I strongly suggest using a phone number while signing up as this can give you account two-factor authentication if Intuit deems a login attempt requires further verification.

Mint Sign Up Page

Just a little information to get your account going.

You'll then be asked to link your bank account to Mint; this is so they can add your transactions and quickly categorise them according to the retailers and transaction type. If you have any concerns around the security and your information with Mint, you can read more about it here.

Monthly Budget Account Connect

Mint supports a wide variety of banks and lenders.

Once you've gone ahead and logged into your bank you'll be directed to your budget screen and some default budget suggestions should be present on the screen. 

Mint will automatically try to make a rough budget based on the spending behaviour it found over the last month. 

From here you can click on the " + Create A Budget " to add another category type with its own budget within your monthly budget.

Go ahead and add a couple of things to your budget now.

Monthly Budget Overview Page

Add an item to your budget by clicking on " + Create A Budget "

You're well on your way towards creating a budget, and you've finished the tough part of importing your transactions! You may have to tweek a few transactions, but Mint will remember for the next time that retailer or transaction occurs again.

You may have to tweek a few transactions, but Mint will remember for the next time that retailer or transaction occurs again.

Take some time to explore Mint and see all the different features. If you have any question about how to create a budget with Mint, you can read more on Mint's site here, but be sure to keep an eye out for our in-depth guide coming in the next little while.

Happy Budgeting!